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At Lawn Care Port Orange we do our best to make your yard more enjoyable. Looking for a lawn service specialist for you can count on? If you need grass cutting services or any other yard work in Port Orange Fl, we can come to the rescue fast! We do all the landscaping work and make your yard look great so you can spend more time in your fold up chair and not have to be out there pushing a mower on a hot Florida day. That’s the last thing most people want to do.

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Grass Problems

We’ll go over any grass problems you’re having and do a complete analysis of your lawn. And you can pick and choose from any of our great services. When you call LSPO, we’ve got you covered with our FREE lawn analysis.

We've Built a Reputation

During the last few years, we have built trust in the community and have worked hard to build a great reputation with homeowners in the Port Orange area. Our great service and professionalism has helped us create a clientele of loyal customers. When you deal with an established company with one of best reputations around you get the job done properly and at a reasonable price. Even though we offer the very highest quality services we can, we still charge competitive prices that will suit any budget. Our pricing is designed to be affordable so that all of the local residents in Port Orange Florida can afford us without breaking the bank.

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Get Yard work Done

We are all about making your life as simple and as enjoyable as possible by taking over some of your outdoor chores like yard work. Just sit back and tell us what you want done and we’ll make it happen. We can give you a free estimate for any yard service you need promptly and without hidden costs. We know how it is, you don’t want to look at a messy yard anymore and you just want your yard back. We get it, you want to make your yard something special, a place you can hang out and entertain in. Whatever the reason give us a call and we’ll be happy to come and give you and estimate. Call Now.

Gardners or G-men

Let us clean up your yard and transform it right before your eyes. We’ll even trim those bushes that have been sticking out over the sidewalk like someone that hasn’t brushed their hair first thing in the morning. All our solutions are eco-friendly and designed to minimize the impact on the environment because we think that’s important to a lot of our customers. Some people call us gardeners oh, but we prefer G-men LOL.  Our team of professional lawn care specialist have performed thousands of jobs over the years and cleaning up yards is what we do. It starts with our polite and courteous staff and ends with a very clean yard. A yard when you can be proud of. Call Now

No Job to Big or to Small

We understand you have a choice of lawn services, so we are going to do the very best job we can so you become a loyal customer for years to come. We guarantee you a total worry-free and hassle-free experience. Just tell us how you want your yard to look and we will make it happen. No matter how big your lawn is or how small your lawn is our yard service specialist will bring out the beauty in your yard, and we can handle any situation that comes up with your grass or any of your Landscaping and we know what height to cut the grass. If great landscaping companies is what you need, then you’ve come to the right place. We strive to respect all of your neighbors and that’s why we don’t start work before 8 a.m. in the morning. Call Now

Full Service Lawn Care

Customer care is of the utmost importance to us, our service standards are higher than most other companies in the area and we take pride in creating a beautiful experience in your yard the way no one else can, whether it’s basic lawn care you want or if you want the full service, we’ll treat you right. Reclaim your yard and make it comfortable to hang out in again. whether you need lawn mowing services or edging or hedge trimming or fertilizer our team is equipped with everything they need to do the job right, we even haul away any debris that the garbage man won’t take. We have reasonable rates for full yard clearing or clean up. Just think, your yard is going to be the envy of the whole neighborhood. Get the help you need and deserve and you will save yourself a lot of time and effort by not having to do it yourself. Lifting that heavy yard equipment, or moving that lawnmower around can hurt your back and other parts of your body if you’re not used to it. Don’t let that happen to you call the pros to take care of all your  Landscaping needs. Call Now

Clean Up Investment Property

Having someone move out of your rental property and leave the yard a mess can really slow down the process of getting someone new in there. If you need to get your place cleaned up fast and ready to rent we can help by cleaning up the yard and doing all the yard work for you just give us a call and we’ll make it a priority. We can come in and clean up the whole yard or if you just want the basic grass mowed we’d be happy to do that too.  We clean up rental property foreclosure property and pick up any debris and trim any of the foliage that needs to be trimmed. We try to work around your timeline and your needs, we know that it’s a priority to get your property rented out as soon as possible so we work with you and your schedule to get the job done as soon as possible. Call Now

Free Estimates

If you’re wondering about the cost our services, it really depends on what shape your yard is in and how much volume we’re talking about. We offer competitive pricing all year round and we’ll always bring you the best value we can. When you do business with LSPO you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’re going to do the best job at a very reasonable price. Our Lawn service pricing will amaze you. Every dollar spent with us is well spent. We believe that every resident in the area should have access to great lawn care services in Port Orange Florida. Our service is 100% hassle-free if you give us a call we’ll do the rest. Our team members are all very experienced and extremely professional while remaining friendly and courteous towards everyone in the neighborhood. We guarantee you a superior level of service and total satisfaction every time you do business with us. We’ll take into account all of your requests and accommodate them in the best manner possible. Call Now

Lawn Mowing Service Near Me!

Have you ever asked yourself “Where do I find great lawn service in Port Orange”? or “How can I grow my grass better” or have you ever done a search for “lawn care near me” Or “lawn service near me” or “local lawn service near me” When you need help with your yard work, fertilizing for soil enrichment, lawn cutting services in Port Orange are just a phone call away. Or hedge trimming or any other yard maintenance services, we’ll be happy to do it, our trained professionals are ready to produce fantastic results for you!

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