Yard Work

Yard work is tedious and generally undesirable for most people, luckily Lawn Care Port Orange provides the highest quality lawn maintenance and landscaping in Volusia County.  We are affordable and have low prices along with package deals if you happen to need service weekly.  Lawn maintenance can be a difficult job if you do not have the right equipment or enough time.  Our company has all of the “cutting-edge” tools, instruments, and equipment to turn your basic lawn into a beautiful landmark.  We use only the best products to keep your yard healthy and natural.  We are not an ordinary lawn service company. Our maintenance crew has only the most skilled professionals working to make sure that every square inch of your yard is treated with the utmost care. Call us today for a free quote!

Servicing throughout Volusia County, Lawn Care Port Orange provides our customers with a basic lawn maintenance that will make your exterior look clean and green.  We provide monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, and daily services.  Your grass should be mowed once every two weeks in the summer and at least once a month in the winter. Basic lawn service is necessary to maintain your yard, however if you are looking to enhance your terrace, we also do landscaping.

Is your landscape dry? Have dry brown patches of dead grass in your yard? Or are you just tired of looking at your boring lawn and want to bring it to life?  Well, regardless of the problem Lawn Care Port Orange will make your grass beautiful and green again! Let our landscaping team make a scenic view and give a nice impression for your house or business.

As well as your grass receiving a monthly trim, your bushes and trees may need some trimming as well.  Having branches or bushes growing out of control or too wide can make your yard look overgrown and unattractive.  Hedging and edging your yard can create a clean look to your property.  We make sure all of the grass leading up to sidewalks, pathways, roads, houses, and gardens are edged properly getting rid of over extending grass and overgrown bushes. Another resource we use to enhance your yawn is mulch.

If you’re planting anything from small trees to flowers then you might want some mulch around your yard. Lucky for you, we have all different types of Mulch to make your plants and flowers stand out.  Mulch is great to place around your bushes, trees, flowers, and plants for many reasons. Mulch not only looks pleasant around your yard, but also has many useful purposes. Mulch conserves moisture which enhances the health of soil giving more nutrients to your plants.  It also lessens the chances of weeds growing around your trees and flowers.
 An important lawn maintenance resource is water. We have found the best time of day to water your lawn is when air temperatures are lower and there is dew on the ground. Temperatures are usually at their lowest during the late evening or early morning. Most lawns benefit from watering two to three times per week. Watering your lawn on days when cooler weather is forecast helps reduce the amount of water your lawn needs. Watering when your grass is already wet reduces the length of time that your grass is moist and helps prevent the spread of fungal and bacterial disease.

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